One method doesn’t meet all

Families’ needs are as diverse as the children’s.  Is that considered when we try to engage parents with their child’s learning? Recognising research that states, the quantity and quality of parent participation are a major contributor to maximising brain growth and future life choices, spark has increased support for practitioners, designed to escalate parental involvement  Continue Reading »


Let us help to reduce your training budgets

Knowing what it is like to own nurseries, we know how important it is to save where you can – which is why we are very excited to announce a new partnership we have formed with Flick Learning. We have teamed up with Flick and can now offer all of our spark customers a very  Continue Reading »


Observations Transposed to Useful Information

Regular observations are made, there is a breath of satisfaction. But what happens to them? Are they cross-referenced to the Areas of Learning, Development Matters Statements and Characteristics of Effective Learning? Can everyone in your team then decide what the child’s next steps are? For tomorrow? Soon? Can they weave these into the child’s interests?  Continue Reading »


NMT Finalist – Product Innovation Award

Building bridges with parents Our focus over the last 18 months has been to improve and develop a range of software functions that will support the provider in building REAL partnerships with families. By providing a flexible choice of ways, we give the provider the opportunity to engage the parent appropriately to achieve involvement and  Continue Reading »


Join the conversation… you may wish to get involved

On Monday 21 November at 4.30pm, MPs will debate e-petition 132140 on free childcare for working parents. The debate will be led by Helen Jones MP, Chair of the Petitions Committee. Get involved: The Petitions Committee invite you to inform the debate by joining the conversation on the House of Commons Facebook page from Friday  Continue Reading »


We have been shortlisted by NMT Nursery Magazine!

We are very proud to have been shortlisted for the 2016 NMT Nursery Magazine Awards, this time in the Product/Innovation Award. A fantastic honour and justifies all the hard work we have put into spark software together with the relevance and difference it brings to the industry and its changing environment. This is the 14th consecutive National NMT Nursery Awards celebrating  Continue Reading »


Practical Pre-School Awards Silver

National Practical Pre-School Awards for EYFS resources. As I write, it is ‘lunch break’ time, for delegates attending one of the two National Conferences; Early Years Premium: Innovation and Impact and Let’s Start with the Child and the other Developmentally Appropriate Practice in the Early Years.  So I am in Birmingham and know this blog  Continue Reading »


Evaluating EYFS Practice

EVALUATING EYFS PRACTICE Evaluating EYFS practice is often defined as assessing the ‘Quality of Teaching’. It is about analysing how learning is delivered. In an operating setting this starts by checking where each child is ‘AT’ with their learning and development. The level of emotional care and the quality of the environment being offered are  Continue Reading »


EYFS Learning Stories

EYFS LEARNING STORIES Learning Stories may describe each Learning Journey. This might show how a child has developed since they began at a setting and will generally comprise of observations, artwork and photographs. Terminology can be confusing, therefore, here we introduce Learning Stories as an extra, within our regular Learning Journey. Our Learning Stories can  Continue Reading »


Is there a ‘breather’ on the horizon?

SO busy preparing your EYFS transition reports and wish it could be easier and quicker? It could be next year but that is a long way off and it is likely that once you put your feet up with your favourite ‘tipple’, patting yourself on the back or enjoying the relief it has all been done, you  Continue Reading »


Researched: Could spark@HOME make a difference?

Confident that spark@HOME makes a difference, we are pleased to publish this report. Much to my surprise three years ago I fell so in love with the nursery my first born attended, I offered myself up to become a parent representative to work alongside the outstanding team and support them in their fab work. Shortly  Continue Reading »


Sadie has joined us ….

Introducing me… I am Sadie and have recently joined the growing team at spark. I have joined the team to maintain the good relationship spark has with existing customers and to meet new ones.  I will be able to help and support you with any queries and questions you have about the software. After only 10  Continue Reading »

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Our commitment to our colleagues (EYFS software clients)

Our commitment:- sparkESSENTIAL and sparkPRO and associated EYFS components, have been designed to help you and your team ‘get it right’ for every child within your group These principles are important to our business in serving you: Acknowledge that using spark is a new way of working and support as suitable for the setting, is  Continue Reading »

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The sparkPRO EYFS Observational Journey

EYFS Observational Journey – How? Earlier this week I was asked where we got our Observational Journey. This Observational Journey guides practitioner/educators to help children achieve the Development Matters Statements. It provides a quick and effective way to make observations and sparkPRO then generates the Next Steps (one of lots of ‘Planners’ available) to choose  Continue Reading »


Sustained Shared Thinking Strands

Are you considering the children’s Sustained Shared Thinking capabilities? Our sparkPRO EYFS software has a unique observational journey that supports educators and practitioners in helping children’s learning and development within the EYFS. This observational journey underpins the acquisition of skills and information to fulfil a child’s potential and to achieve the non-statutory Development Matters Statements,  Continue Reading »