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OfstedAfter using sparkPRO every setting has gained a good or outstanding grade from their Ofsted.

Totally EYFS compliant, sparkPRO has been tried, tested and through many Ofsted inspections since 1997. Here are some recent comments made in Ofsted reports in relation to settings using sparkPRO and other spark bolt ons:

  • “Staff use comprehensive observations extremely well to give children the highest appropriate challenge in activities and experiences. They plan inspirationally well for children’s next steps and share the information with parents to ensure that children are provided with excellent consistency of learning. “
  • “Partnerships with parents are excellent. Staff are inspiring in the way they share information and work together. The successful involvement of parents in their children’s learning and care makes sure that children’s needs are quickly identified and met exceedingly well.”
  • “Monitoring and evaluation of children is meticulous. Staff consistently use meticulous tracking. This ensures that groups of children and the characteristics of learning are being met significantly well. It is evident that the whole staff team is very committed to making sure children achieve at the highest level.”
  • “The development needs of all children are successfully highlighted as staff record their observations on a daily basis on an electronic system, which helps them make secure assessments of learning. This then allows them to plan relevant and current ideas to encourage all children’s next steps in their learning.”
  • “Robust systems are in place for self-evaluation and continuous improvement, which ensures a high standard of care and education for children.”
  • “Parents are involved in their children learning at home as they are well-informed about what their children enjoy at the pre-school so they can support their developing skills at home. Ongoing observations and assessments are effective in monitoring children’s progress, this information is shared with parents to enable them to support their children’s learning at home.”
  • “The assessment system is exceptional and has been developed solely to meet the nursery’s high monitoring levels and expectations.”
  • “Practitioners use their observational skills to assess children’s development and input their observations onto the nursery’s computer software program. This system is effectively used to track and follow children’s progress. The team leader checks every child’s profile regularly to ensure that key persons are making frequent observations and using the system proficiently. This enables her to keep an extremely sharp focus on each child’s progress, to quickly identify any gaps in children’s learning and to monitor the effectiveness of the key person’s observational and assessment knowledge.”


  • “Parent partnerships are a real strength. There are highly successful strategies to support parents with a range of issues. Parents are very complimentary about the level of care their children receive and the wealth of information shared.”
  • “Staff make good use of the systems that are in place to help monitor the progress children make in their learning and development. Observations, assessments and tracking of children’s progress are accurate.”


  • “Accurate assessments are completed regularly and staff have a clear understanding of children’s next steps for future learning. Planning ensures that children are provided with opportunities to build on what they already know and can do. As a result, children are highly motivated, eager learners who make good progress in their learning and development.”
  • “Staff know their children well and have good knowledge of children’s next steps in learning. Staff plan meaningful activities to enthuse children’s learning based on their interests. All children make good progress in their learning and development.”
  • “Observations and assessments of children’s individual learning ensures their key person has an accurate account of their current stage of development. This information helps staff provide a balanced approach to children’s learning through adult-led and child-led activities. All children are making good progress.”
  • “The senior team accurately monitors the staff’s records on children’s learning and development and helps them to identify gaps where children may need additional support.”


  • “Staff know the children extremely well. There is an excellent approach to assessing children’s development. This is applied to the whole group, key groups and individual children, to enable staff to meticulously plan for their learning needs. They are exceptionally well prepared for the next stage in learning.”


  • “Monitoring of children’s learning and development is accurate and precise. An electronic tool has very successfully been introduced to meticulously track the progress of both individual children and groups of children. Any gaps in learning are then swiftly identified and addressed. Management constantly evaluate new systems to maximise every opportunity to enhance children’s achievements. They have identified the capacity to further extend parents’ involvement in the tracking process.”
  • “Staff have expert knowledge of how children learn. Assessments and planning for children’s learning are meticulous. Staff have high expectations of all children, and plan activities that are tailored exceptionally well to their individual needs and interests.”
  • “To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should:  continue to implement the excellent tracking system, using it to its full potential and extending parents’ involvement in the process.”