1. Saves staff time – By minimizing the paperwork associated with providing EYFS learning, staff can save many precious hours over the course of the year.
  2. Saves money on print and paper – Software systems reduce the need for printing progress reports and learning materials
  3. Builds reputation – A professional system shouts organization and being at the cutting edge of learning technologies, just what every parent wants for their child.
  4. Reduces absenteeism – By reducing the stress associated with creating a learning programme, staff wellbeing is promoted, thereby reducing sick days.
  5. Reduces high staff turnover – A supportive and cohesive environment will help with staff retention, and attract the best candidates for the job.
  6. Helps to deliver a consistent learning programme – The whole learning journey is easy to follow, record and evidence.
  7. Promotes quality time with children – Nursery software cuts the time needed on planning, observation, assessment and recording, allowing nursery staff to do the job they really want to be doing!
  8. Enhances communication with parents – By keeping everything organized on one system, and using easy to understand visual displays, nursery software makes communicating progress and identifying areas of concern easier.
  9. Helps achieve goals – Collecting data and tracking performance helps to mark progress of individual children and a nursery group as a whole, ensuring that all activities are in line with chosen goals.
  10. Makes it easier to work to curriculum – A comprehensive curriculum package supports literacy skills and makes progress instantly provable to parents, local authorities and Ofsted.

sparkPRO is a premium nursery software product designed to deliver everything you need to help make your nursery a better place for children and staff! To find out more call us on 0203 390 2412.