spark@HOME Learning Programme

This webinar is working with sparkPRO and spark@HOME to support parents with their child’s learning and development at home. This could be your NEW spark@HOME Home Learning Programme !

This is different ‘home-schooling’ that is more appropriate for young children than ‘classroom instruction’.

This would provide you with the opportunity to:
 Help the children with their learning and development in appropriate ways.
 Support your school, moving forward – offering something that your competition can’t.
 Increasing trust
 Maintaining the relationships, you currently have
 Build loyalty to ensure children’s return when you re-open
 Ensure those on your waiting list start sooner, avoiding the possibility of them going elsewhere
 Recruit new children earlier than your opening day

Continue to deliver the EYFS throughout COVID (who else can do that via ‘screen teaching’?)

Help parents to build their child’s brains through the most appropriate and proven method – PLAY

As a brand,  spark@HOME Home Learning Programme could become your ‘backbone’ to deliver a needs-led EYFS curriculum for home learners.  Once COVID is over, you could continue the play ideas as ‘parents’ homework’ and give them an activity to do for a week, for example. The possibilities are amazing!

family looking at book with daughter