We have been busy innovating and updating here at EASY in the autumn term and our most recent addition is the new ‘shop front.’ You may have noticed our shiny new website complete with bells and whistles and I hope that you all like the feel of it – please let us know!

I’ll take you on a little tour. Our homepage is now far more accessible, with quick links to logins for the EASY software and what we hope is an equally welcoming experience for both old friends and new faces. We have made it easier for you to get in touch with us – everything from a letter or email to tweeting and adding us to your g+ circle. There is a wealth of information about us and what we do, with dedicated pages for EASYpro, EASYparent and EASY@home so do go and have a poke around! We tried really hard to design the format in such a way that all the information is there without it being too overwhelming and I think we were quite successful in this if I do say so myself… but do send me your thoughts …

We also wanted our visitors to feel more connected with us and what’s happening, so to keep everyone (and me!) up to date we have a news feed at the bottom of the homepage and a page with linked archives so you can see what we have been up to.

Very soon we hope to have increased interactivity with the website, with short ‘how to’ snippets, audio clips and interviews.Group of children with toysBEST ONE!

What else is new?

In the last few months you may know that we have launched several exciting features such as the Planners and the Tools for Staff Supervision & Development, which you can read all about here. EASYparent was also further developed as standalone software suitable for new parents right from birth up until (just like all our software) until the child’s 8th birthday.

All in all our new face and new features still represent our original, core approach but hopefully in a more cohesive and accessibleway – at EASY we still believe in helping to get it right for every child and want to help you do this in a simple a way as possible. We are however of course in continuing development in our learning in order to benefit you, and look forward to what 2015 will bring for delivery of the EYFS!