Can I afford sparkPRO?


A sensible question to ask.

Let’s turn that around – what savings and gains will you miss out on if you don’t? There may be an opportunity for you here …


The obvious one if moving from the paper is the paper, ink and the servicing on your printer.  Everything can be downloaded but of course, if you wish to continue to print that is fine.

Staff time – the NDNA states this is 73% of business costs.

So keeping these costs to a minimum would help, wouldn’t it?

Working ‘smarter’; spark does much more than only to emulate ‘the paper way’ so educators can spend the whole of their time with the children.  There is no need for ‘office’ or ‘non-contact time’ or for staff to take work home (this could also breach minimum wage legislation).  No time is required away from the children for writing things up, cutting and sticking…

While it is hard to recruit, this could reduce the number of staffing hours required or allow time for those tasks where there is never enough time.


We’ll summarise on just four themes…

“Worth the investment!”

Take a look at our modular software options; giving you the option to only buy what you need, when you want it.

Gain a deeper understanding of our ethos and how spark works for you.

Call, email, submit a form… whichever you prefer!