My Mood Stars


Please find below details of our latest partner, Wendy Woo Educational Toys. If you would like [...]

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Attention to Detail


Attention to Detail “The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail" I [...]

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sparkSAFEGUARDING Presentation


Learn more about the latest addition to our software package: sparkSAFEGUARDING  

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The sparkVIDEO


Do you recognise these frustrations? Let us know!    

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Using spark software


The presentation below shows spark in action. Please get in touch if you'd like to know [...]

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How spark Began


Once upon a time … With a history in nursery work, and with children with additional [...]

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8 Ways VR Is Used For Video Games


Quisque cursus diam id justo malesuada faucibus. Suspendisse hendrerit nisl convallis lacus aliquam, id blandit diam [...]

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Customer Service


spark is about making life easier and ‘to get it right’ for every child.  Unfortunately, in [...]

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Play Iceland 2015


icelandic waterfall In October I joined the Play Iceland trip as a present to myself; my [...]

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Exciting times for us – Our new brand launch


EASYsolution 4 NURSERY EDUCATION has a new name and new brand, welcome to ‘Spark’. Founder, Nursery [...]

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