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Child Development Birth to 11 Months

Learn with your baby and eyfs

In these early stages of development, babies are learning to understand the world around them and their place in it.

We take a look at what children of this age should be able to do, and what parents and carers can do to help promote development.

Communication and Language

To help communication and language development, you should play peekaboo games with a baby of this age, and sing nursery rhymes while performing actions. Language skills will be enhanced if you provide commentary about what you are doing, and by copying baby’s sounds when they “talk” to you.

Literacy and Numeracy

It is never too soon to read stories to a child of this age, you should also encourage enjoyment by sharing board books and cloth books that they can handle and turn the pages of. Number recognition is enhanced by holding baby’s hands and encouraging them to clap in time to a rhyme. Shapes, space and measurement understanding is encouraged by letting baby play with objects using their hands and feet.

Personal, Social and Emotional

Emotional development can be supported at this age in a number of ways. To promote an understanding of relationships, play games where baby can copy your facial expressions and sounds. You can help baby manage their emotions by letting them see your face when they are upset or worried, and to promote self awareness, give baby something to hold and explore during a nappy change.


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