It is stressful being an early years provider, but spark will give you the control back, so all adults involved can strive for outstanding EYFS practice in order to get everything right, ultimately for every child at this time of rapid brain development.

It is stressful being an early years provider, but spark will give you the control back, so all adults involved can strive for outstanding EYFS practice in order to get everything right, ultimately for every child at this time of rapid brain development.
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Our company partnered with a business in Nigeria that also runs a school using spark.  As a sparkREPRESENTATIVE, they make much more than just covering their own school’s sparkFEES.  By interacting and visiting other schools, they also gain a lot of insights and experience from those they mix with.  Furthermore, they also bring in more clients for their own business.  In this instance, this business embraces training, consultancy, coaching and other ventures.  As this keeps the owner busy and currently lives in the UK, she nominated one of her early years team to be the visual sparkREPRESENTATIVE in Nigeria.  This lady will shortly have someone to help her behind the scenes as the spark operation grows.

The sparkREPRESENTATIVE for Nigeria, a lovely lady called Eno, is very dedicated to achieving sales for Nigeria and the commission for the company.  She and sparkHQ have developed a close relationship – with direct WhatsApp communication.   Initially, there were lengthy times outside ‘work time’ to support her and receive advice with Catherine, the founder. As Nigeria is so proactive; they are the sole representative for Nigeria and gain commission on all Nigerian schools who join up.  This is a case too if anyone contacts us directly and they don’t get involved in the sales process.

spark has: –

  • Set up a dropbox of useful information such as, the feature lists of each product, flyers, real examples of reports ….
  • Given her a demo version of spark to use with prospects, and a spark@HOME app.
  • Ongoing support so she knows the software very well, with recordings of the training.
  • We do our best to interact with her social media posts, and she does likewise with ours.
  • We have a  Trello board ( to communicate from our sparkTEAM on sparkUSERs, marketing focusses, prospects, headcounts, fees….
  • Eno has a personalised spark email address that is diverted to her school/personal email address
  • Provide demos and ongoing training for new Nigerian sparkUSERs – our sparkCONSULTANT Sarah looks after Nigeria.
  • Given her marketing materials; Catherine has done webinars, given handouts, things to add to her social media posts … etc
  • Provide the monthly headcounts.
  • Basically, we have given her all the support she needs/has requested.

In Nigeria:-

  • Eno uses spark branding for advertising spark on the social media channels that work best in Nigeria; including setting up bespoke spark Nigerian channels that run alongside ours.
  • Eno talks to schools that approach her and those we refer to her, should they contact us first.  She talks about the software and may show it to them or arrange for us to do a demo – we are quite flexible on this – we do between us, whatever seems best for the potential customer.  One of our sparkCONSULTANTs does the demo and the follow-up training.
  • Eno might be contacted again by the sparkUSER for help, if they get stuck – she may help herself and if she can, or refer them back to us, and we support them alongside her.
  • She also will make visual (MP4s) recordings on her phone, for marketing purposes and will encourage sparkUSERs in Nigeria to do the same.  She uses these and also shares them with us.
  • She also lays on events to promote the software along with a spark banner (graphics provided by spark) to use at local exhibitions and when visiting settings in other cities.

During COVID all Nigerian nurseries and schools were forced to shut down.  With Eno and her boss, we have helped Nigeria improve things for when schools reopened.

Such as:-


  • The GBP price was moved into Niara at a rate that suits the local economy.  Before, the fees were set in GBP at the standard ‘overseas rate’.  Now it makes it much easier for the prospect to commit.  As it happens, they also get a better commission as the fees are higher than those we set.
  • They now collect the fees monthly (rather than annually) to assist schools recovering from their Covid lock-down.  This will hopefully attract ‘cash-strapped’ new prospects.
  • Her company now pay once a quarter in GBP rather than spasmodically, reducing their admin time
  • Together we have developed a new ‘sparkCOMPLETE‘ package for 2021.
  • There are now some bespoke Nigerian website pages that we have made with their input from Nigeria, for them to use for marketing. so also the customer is being supported fully rather than trying to work things out from the UK site.
    • These illustrate the marketing messages that are suitable for the prospects in Nigeria rather than the ones we use for the UK/rest of the world who communicates with us.
  • We have a scheduled time each week when Eno/her boss or both of them can arrange a Zoom call the day before to talk to us so spark can give them support as required.  We are making things more joined-up; with links from and to each other’s websites, agree on discounts and offers, to provide resources they need; flyers, handouts … linking up websites ……

As a company, we love working with Nigeria.  They are a nation that love to learn and the people are always so joyful.

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