spark is about making life easier and ultimately ‘to get everything right’ for every child.  That has to begin with you!

We found out the hard way in our nurseries and bought costly software to find that it was not really what we wanted or needed.  There were lots of parts we never got round to using. There was little if any support from the manufacturer, and it was always a different person when we called.  We don’t want you to have the same experience and will spend some time with you exploring what you hope to gain, then a demo and the freedom to explore the software for yourself.  We strive to make every aspect of our software user-friendly, straightforward and above all practical.  We also want to generate a relationship with you, so you gain the maximum from spark and make a success in all aspects of your business.

From our personal experience, we make a firm commitment to you from our very first conversation. We are here to support you.  We want you to succeed.

In serving you we:

  • Will introduce you to your personal sparkCONSULTANT.
  • If you are outside the UK, and where applicable, you will be introduced to your sparkREPRESENTATIVE in your own country.
  • Continually build upon our professional relationship to ensure there are no ‘communication barriers’.
  • Offer you weekly training and support to skill up your team, until you are confident to explore and use the software independently.
  • Ensure you can access the group training for sparkB25M.
  • Be on hand at any time to organise ad hoc consultations as required.
  • Provide you with different ways for you to contact us; customer phone number, website chat, message via email, WhatsApp, or WeChat.
  • Encourage your questions; each and every one will be considered valid.
  • Ensure we give you complete answers to dispel uncertainty and build your confidence.
  • Will follow up and ensure your queries are resolved to your satisfaction.
  • Circulate a monthly newsletter offering dates and times of events, ideas, resources, information about new features/changes …
  • Arrange online events each month; one is an open forum for topical discussion and another for specific queries; generally, everyone in your organisation will be invited.
  • Actively encourage your views, ideas and constructive criticism; in this way, we all share in moulding the spark software together.
  • Provide private social media and WhatsApp groups for information,  discussion and debate within our community
  • Acknowledge and celebrate your success!

In delivering you spark products, we will endeavour to:

  • Provide safe and secure software that is compliant with the EYFS Framework
  • Offer other features to enhance best practice.
  • Encourage you to use spark as a ‘continuous improvement’ tool; a trait necessary for an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted inspection grade.
  • Enable you to extend your software, to encompass other parts for your early years provision, such as spark@HOME, sparkDIARY, sparkSAFEGUARDING, sparkADMIN and new products as they come available.
  • Communicate free and ‘to pay for’ webinars by spark and eminent early years experts as they become available.

Also, we

  • From time to time provide you with free updates
  • Will review and improve your experience following your feedback
  • Offer a 60-day full money-back guarantee from the date you begin (sparkESSENTIALsparkPRO and sparkCOMPLETE).
  • Distribute free resources that support practice; many initially made for our nurseries and subsequent ones for you and families attending your setting.

Should you have a complaint, please direct this to Catherine (founding director) at She believes everything can be sorted and will endeavour to do this once there is a clear understanding of what has gone wrong for you.