A Helping Hand - 50% OFF YOUR SOFTWARE

  • 50% OFF your fees for your new, award-winning, 360° software for your EYFS*

  • You can start now if you’re open; but your official start date will be when you re-open fully

  • Training and support is available NOW while things are quiet

  • Your 60 day full money back guarantee STILL APPLIES!

September will still come.
Get ready for it now!

*Applies to settings in the UK purchasing sparkPRO or sparkESSENTIAL ONLY.



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Why should I do this?

Stay safe.
Stay positive!

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During these difficult times, it is about helping each other PROSPER IN THE FUTURE. What could you improve for that future? How could you help your business through this worrying time?

Help is on hand!

The time you have now (if your setting is quiet) is an opportunity to reflect upon what you do and what you would like to do.

What would you like your team to achieve?
How could you free up management time?
Could you improve the ways you have to really get parents on board to assist with their child’s learning beyond the photos?
Etc etc…

Technology is amazing and can support and improve practice across teams. Also can put you on a stronger path to save valuable resources, such as staffing and other costs. However, there may be an alternative that could offer you more.

It’s easy to ‘take time off’ or ‘put your head in the sand’ so to HELP YOU in more ways than one…