Being Eco- friendly is the new fashionable thing for businesses to aspire to, and it is definitely, in our opinion something for serious consideration in our world we live in today for future generations. In our business we work hard to be eco-friendly and through our software we support those that purchase to be more eco friendly too. However, this goes beyond the ‘save a tree’ message on the foot of our emails!

Our software was designed to remove the need of paper reports in settings, and allow parents to join in through the similar software to support their children in their EYFS learning and development. Within the child’s learning journey, we encourage practitioners and parents to involve the child in caring for the environment. For example we include recycling and caring for the animals, birds and plants within our ‘EYFS observational journey’ and in turn this also supports practitioners in helping children achieve their Development Matters Statements. Parents are enabled to be involved on-line, giving and receiving information, all promoting the potential for each individual child with their EYFS outcomes.   We are also now able to provide early years administrative software so registers, invoices, accounts, accident reports etc can be processed on-line.

We want to help others to ‘get it right for every child’ and we also wish to support the future of the condition of the environment those future generations will be forced to live in! As a company we don’t believe in promoting these messages to others and not undertake steps in our offices ourselves. Instead of paper leads, all our customers now are on a CRM system (online) which allows us to organise all our contacts. Now too in our offices, there is no need for paper, post it notes and anything else we could find to write down all the important information.   Furthermore, our brains cells are stress free; no need to keep up or worry about forgetting something! Some members of our team, are based ‘at home’ and those who travel to the office, get regular ‘green days’. as often as possible to work at home.

Our software (‘PRO, ‘DIARY, ‘GENIE) enable offices to be efficient, appropriate for the individual and environmentally friendly. A ‘paper free’ environment and storing bulky storage of files, which we all know are also not great to find the exact piece of information one is looking for, are exchanged for complete accurate information at a touch of a button from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

The demos of our software are completed by phone or an MP4 link (rather than by a CD).   This also helps us to build a rapport with our customer. We love that personal touch! Our happy customers, bring in new business which is always appreciated.   Our colleagues, as that is exactly what they are (customers to you maybe) recommend us to others. This together with social media have enabled us to avoid ‘marketing consultants’; who would promote the software about the country in atmospheric poisoning transport. We use an IQ smart car that is particularly good for keeping a small carbon footprint when we exhibit at conferences and exhibitions. While in an area we will seek to combine these essential visits with seeing others nearby. All our gear (including two adults from time to time) fits perfectly! We love to be individual in the way we present our product and proud of our ‘up-cycling’. We have modified two old knitting machine tables and they have been enhanced beyond recognition with fabric coverings.  Maybe you have seen these?

Online advertising is another key, where we use lots of social media to spread our word so there is little need for paper advertising. This has even helped us promote our product internationally! If we do use the ‘snail mail’ to post anything (which is extremely rare) we use recycled envelopes, and staff really enjoy donating these for work.