EASYsolution 4 NURSERY EDUCATION has a new name and new brand, welcome to ‘Spark’.

Founder, Nursery Owner, Manager and Early Years Practitioner Catherine Lyon said, “We’re very excited to launch our new brand at Childcare Expo 2015 in what is an important period in the growth for our organisation. The creation of ‘spark’ was borne out of  a desire to continuously innovate ways to help business owners, managers and practitioners along with our family of existing clients.  We also now need to appeal to a global audience and I’m pleased to say we are now operating in other continents, enabling childcare specialists around the World to manage children’s learning journeys expertly and in tandem with parents and carers.”

Catherine engaged branding & marketing agency Zero Above, who worked with key people within the organisation to evolve the brand. Simon Isaac Strategy Partner at Zero Above said, “We’re delighted to be working with the team on what is a fantastic offer, passionately led by Catherine and expertly delivered by her team. When brands move into an international arena, both brand and messaging are crucial to ensure an appeal to a broad and diverse audience and ‘spark’ is a response to this need.”

But it isn’t a wholesale change Simon went on to say. “One of the most important things we want to convey is that the brand is also a growing and evolving offer, the team at spark are constantly innovating and improving the software for existing clients and parents alike. So we wanted to retain some of the core colours of the brand, whilst enhancing and invigorating the palette with fresh and vibrant colours that reflect the nature and true essence of spark.”

“We’re delighted with our new brand.” Catherine went on to say. “Learning and development of children is all about imagination and creativity, and spark confidently reflects this and our exciting plans to evolve and grow the platform for all users, our current clients and new ones who come on board will see new products and sub-brands appear over the coming year.”