Learning Stories may describe each Learning Journey. This might show how a child has developed since they began at your setting and will generally comprise of observations, artwork and photographs. Terminology can be confusing, therefore, here we introduce Learning Stories as an extra, within our regular Learning Journey.

Our Learning Stories can be activated when you wish to introduce the feature, giving total flexibility. You can allow their use across the whole provision, a particular room or for specific individuals. They are instantly shared with the parents as part of the parent link in sparkESSENTIAL and sparkPRO and are sequentially added automatically to the child’s EYFS Learning Journey. Presented in a short series of photographs, practitioners and educators may add a short narrative to each picture.

Complimenting the Learning Journey

Adding regular EYFS Learning Stories to the child’s records is a powerful and meaningful way to communicate to parents. They portray a child’s enjoyment and progress in a way that is always positive. Plus parents can share and discuss what has happened with their child through the photographs; linking home and setting activities, generating re-call and extending conversation and vocabulary. Messages from parents may be enjoyed in turn by the setting, building parental partnerships, known to promote each child’s optimum learning and developmental growth.


Image showing the second learning story photo, a young child putting blocks togetherImage showing the third learning story photo, young child building a taller tower of blocks







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