Your FREE Early Years Training from
spark and Little Buddy PreSchools

This is a series of FREE online training webinars throughout September to help you understand how the early years is crucial for a child’s life chances; how the EYFS is organised and how spark can help; and how to set up home learning programme now while waiting for your physical building to reopen.

There are THREE on-demand webinars to register for on this page, plus TWO live Q&A sessions following this FREE training; which you will receive information for once you have watched the on-demand webinars.

YOU MUST REGISTER FOR EACH SESSION INDIVIDUALLY! So make sure you come back here to register for any others you are interested in.

You will have the opportunity at the end of each webinar to claim a certificate of completion of this FREE training.

Places are limited – but DO TURN UP! There are 5 in total PLUS free, personal support and training from Catherine after the last webinar.

Contact Information: Call +91 9550698900 to speak with Suresh at Little Buddy Preschools
or EMAIL for help from spark.

1. Get it Right in the Early Years

Catherine will talk about how the brain is already 80-90% fully grown before a child reaches school.   How educators alongside parents, can maximise a child’s potential and influence the child’s life path into, at least, their thirties.
You are able to play, pause, rewind and re-watch, any time between 31st August and 7th September, inclusive. Enjoy – and don’t forget to come back and sign up for the follow-up live Q&A!

2. Working with the EYFS

Catherine explores the components of the EYFS, and how spark supports practice.

Available to watch any time between Monday 7th September and Monday 14th August, inclusive.

Don’t forget to register for your Q&A session with Catherine – live on the 15th September!

3. The  spark@HOME Home Learning Programme

This webinar is working with sparkPRO and spark@HOME to support parents with their child’s learning and development at home. This is not ‘home-schooling’ as classroom instruction, but spark@HOME with your preschool will help parents to give the right opportunities for their child to learn in playful and fun ways and recognise their progress. This could be your NEW spark@HOME Home Learning Programme
This would provide you with the opportunity to:
Help the children with their learning and development in appropriate ways.
Support your school, moving forward – offering something that your competition can’t.
Increasing trust
Maintaining the relationships, you currently have
Build loyalty to ensure children’s return when you re-open
Ensure those on your waiting list start sooner, avoiding the possibility of them going elsewhere
Recruit new children earlier than your opening day

Continue to deliver the EYFS throughout COVID (who else can do that via ‘screen teaching’?)

Help parents to build their child’s brains through the most appropriate and proven method – PLAY

As a brand, spark@HOME Home Learning Programme could become your ‘backbone’ to deliver a needs-led EYFS curriculum for home learners.  Once COVID is over, you could continue the play ideas as ‘parents’ homework’ and give them an activity to do for a week, for example. The possibilities are amazing!