The PRO software enables parents to participate with the setting on equal terms by using their own @HOME.  Marc a Practitioner with a Level 2 qualification, has been in his new nursery for about two months, told me how he uses the software and from his nurseries point of view.

“I like it … Prompts come onto our PRO software when parents have added something onto their software at home.  This will be a message and/or the observations they have made about the child’s achievements at home.

These are shown at the top of the screen.


This section benefits the staff as the child does not always choose to do certain activities at nursery but they do at home.  So, if the parents see them doing something on the child’s next steps, they can communicate this.  I can then check this out and make a the observation here at nursery or plan activities around it, so the child can complete the achievement, outside the home environment, here at nursery.
The parents can be assured that they can help me to help their child by letting me know more information about home that I may not know.  So I can organise fun play, around their leaning and this benefits the child by gaining more achievements.  The child may not want to tell staff what they have done at home, so the parent can let me know and I can keep an eye on that child in the day.
It benefits the nursery by being a good communication system for me, the team I work with and parents, and is easy to use the information towards planning and development.