NDNA Innovative Practice Award 2019

The NDNA awards are dear to our hearts because many years ago one of our own nurseries was Nursery of the Year for England; we danced until the early hours!  It is always great to have ‘outside’ recognition as this consolidates the value of our efforts.  Also, we have been a member of what must be thirty years, or so!

This is a time when we are all experiencing a  financial squeeze.  In addition to this the “powers that be” seem to lack recognition in how important it is ‘to get it right’ for children when they are very young.  Awards under the various categories recognise settings that are in the spotlight particularly for ‘getting it right’.  We really appreciate the opportunity to celebrate, and this will be a very real pleasure for us.  So, we are looking forward to the awards night later in June so that we can celebrate with all the finalists that lead by example and who set the standards for others to aspire to.

We are delighted to sponsor the NDNA Innovative Practice Award this year.  We really appreciate how technology can embrace sustainability, stability and competence within a world where we rely on human talents, attitudes and expertise.  As early years people ourselves, we have now migrated to helping other settings overcome the challenges we experienced. In relation to the EYFS planning, recording and the evaluation cycle, through our software spark (sparkearlyyears.co.uk) we do things a little differently.  At spark, we are keen to be smart and innovative, so things are quick and simple while providing useful, accurate and easy to read information.  spark extends features, to help improve teaching, increase parent engagement, support safeguarding and enable continuous improvement.

Award-winning in its own right and based on over forty years experience, spark nursery software designed in-house, has been tried and tested over many years.  It enhances best practice, consistent delivery, efficiency and financial mastery.   In this climate, capital expenditure is difficult and even though it may save funds in the longer term, it may remain an expensive initial purchase.  A software package may contain elements that are never used.  spark is organised on ‘a buy as you need’ basis to fit in with your budgets and to meet your aspirations.  For new customers, there is an exclusive 10% discount for NDNA members, this along with our  60-day full money back guarantee, makes spark a stress-free investment that will help you ‘get it right’.  Our mission is to help you, and therefore we include full personal ongoing training and support with one of our senior practitioners.

NEW – Do you know a nursery provider or consultant supporting a nursery in CHINA?  We now have bilingual software to support educators in China while providing relevant information to those residing in the UK.  www.eyfs-spark.com/cn

If spark interests you, please get in touch to see how we can support the early years outcomes of children in your care, your parent involvement, your teams and your business; and help ‘get it right’ for everyone.   www.sparkearlyyears.co.uk