To deliver the EYFS curriculum – good and great provision will keep careful records of children’s achievements, measure their progress against the Development Matter’s stages and continually strive to meet children’s needs more effectively.  A setting will pull on their resources to facilitate learning and development through the children’s interests.   Practitioners, will find and borrow items to excite the children.  Every setting I know, always have a  ‘wish list’.

Yet, the quality of the team; dedication, experience, skills and knowledge, will bring the standards of ‘the experiences’ for the individual child; the quality of the ‘teaching’.

So what about the team?

The EYFS requires providers to “put appropriate arrangements in place for supervision of staff” and gives reference to this being  “support, coaching and training”.  Places that look after children are always busy, so how and when will this happen?

As practitioners (at all levels of seniority) we assess, we record, we evaluate our observations and this gives a basis to move forward, setting new objectives and seeing children gain.  To improve delivery, how is this for colleagues – the team?

Appreciating these challenges particularly, Spark Early Years has set about integrating support on sparkPRO; tools to help staff to analyse data, provide on going support and opportunities to evaluate the difference they are making to each child and the group.

sparkPRO now has more tools to enable practitioners to evaluate their ‘teaching’ methods to improve their personal effectiveness.  For example, how to enable little Bert or Bonita to think, to plan, to execute, to find new ways …… delivering the Characteristics of Effective Learning.  Also, making it simple to check the difference they are making, while they watch or evaluate their key-children progress.

Additionally, extra management tools enable senior staff to gather information and measure the impact of ‘teaching’ with regards to members of staff and teams.  Now there is instant information to help assess training needs, know exactly where support is required and enable ‘new initiatives’ to be implemented.  Furthermore, this can then be measured to check out the difference it has made.  Information is freely available to support Supervision Meetings, Professional Development and Appraisal.  Also facts to support HR decisions.

We always begin with ‘what the child can do’ and now, in regards to curriculum delivery sparkPRO helps staff at all levels, to start.   To quickly evaluate their personal practice, management can make good decisions in targeting training budgets.  Flexible features, built to underpin scheduled systems/meetings and to make the most of the valuable time available.