Hello Catherine,

Please see the note Karoline sent me regarding comment that a teacher had made about sparkPRO – I thought you too would like to see it!


Dear Clair,

Thought I would just let you know about how well the visit went with Evie’s teacher today. She came in and asked to see Evie first so we went into the garden, where she was instantly surrounded by all of the children.  She observed and interacted with Evie for about ten minutes.  I then asked if she wanted to know anything about Evie. She asked if we had any concerns about her starting school.  I said the only concern I had is she is a summer born baby, other than that she is very confident, sociable and is progressing very well.

Mrs Simmons then asked about an numbers and sounds Evie knows. I suggested we look at our EYFS software we use so she could see Evie’s progression and achievements. She agreed. I brought up Evie’s records. As she had asked about sounds and numbers I went into that part of the software to look at the numbers and sounds section. We have focused, as you know in preparation for the children going to school as you know!

Mrs Simmons was really impressed.

I then showed her Evie’s individual graph and explained how well Evie was doing. She enquired as to what she had not achieved in 40-60 months.  I then showed her how to access each individual areas the practical achievement section. She was really amazed, in particular that there are small steps instead of just the development matters statements.  She said it was much better than the other early years settings she had visited who used xxxx and xxxx.  She said she wished more settings were using the same as ours.

She asked if she would be receiving copies of any reports.  I said she would and explained which reports we would send to schools – most recent learning journey profile, individual graph, 6 month record, photo report, characteristics of effective learning report and the development matters achievement graph.  She was amazed and said how helpful and beneficial she would find those.

My planned half hour visit ended up being an hour! Mrs Simmons loved the software so much.

This was really good for me too as we use it all the time, I think I had become complacent about how amazing it is!

Thought I would just let you know 🙂