spark in use…

spark has been successfully used for over 25 years.   It will continue to evolve to support best practice and dispell as many challenges as possible in SMART ways; allowing practitioners to BE with the children, which is where they should be.
Observations are made quickly (and referenced) so the educator can continue engaging with the children’s learning.   If preferred they can also be done at the end of a session; as it will be clear what the child has achieved, or a combination of both techniques.  Alongside the ‘on the go’ observations, planning ideas are suggested in a selection of next steps.  These, for each area of learning, are scaffolded upon what each child has already achieved and are linked to future Development Matters Statements.  Furthermore planning ‘on the go’ (or after the event if you like!) can also be done, it can also be organised to link to where each child is likely to play.  If (after Monday you wish to plan in advance) that is possible too.

The video below showcases a little bit of what spark can do. It was made to show how quick and easy it is … it is not necessary to take observations all day long at the speed in which the video suggests!

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