We all have a part to play in keeping children safe.
Substandard and inadequate systems might allow abuse to go unrecognised.

sparkSAFEGUARDING provides:

  • The opportunity for a whole team approach
  • Easy documentation of individual worries and concerns
  • A safe place to collate sensitive information all together
  • A secure file available only on a ‘need to know basis’
  • Immediate alerts to your Designated Safeguarding Lead(s)
  • Identification of children most at risk*

Gives guidance:

  • On the identification of various types of abuse
  • To the Designated Safeguarding Lead(s) and most senior personnel
  • With the requirements set by Ofsted

*Currently, not available for sparkESSENTIAL, but we are working on it!


Available as a bolt-on addition to the award-winning sparkPRO and sparkESSENTIAL software, sparkSAFEGUARDING has been designed to provide a robust system to support child protection of those associated with your setting.

sparkSAFEGUARDING is a practical way to support your Child Protection Policy.

children celebrating safeguarding ofsted

A bit more detail…

sparkSAFEGUARDING eliminates all the bits of paper, enables concerns to be logged immediately without leaving the children and compiles reports automatically.  Everyone in an organisation can be monitored, both children and staff.  We would advise it is used to report any unease about an adult’s or a child’s general well-being.  In this way, members of the team do not need to agonise over situations and worry about if they should or shouldn’t give information.  The software, provides reassurance that ‘incidents’ that appear minor (but have worried someone) are added and these small points may build a bigger picture of a scenario that is more serious.  Everything with, sparkSAFEGUARDING in place, is immediate, communicated on a ‘need to know’ basis and in a format to pass on to external professionals when necessary.  Gone are the days of finding each piece of paper from various places, rewriting it in a chronological order, at an inconvenient time to send as a report!

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and Supervisors of spark, are notified immediately via the message console on their software, as a concern is raised.  There is a tally showing the number of logs made most recently, so the information is read in some context before reading the full history in the detailed report.  Responses and actions, added following entries, are easily identified as those made by senior staff.  This encourages every point to be acknowledged.  sparkSAFEGUARDING also provides for the DSL and Supervisors risk-ratings for those children most vulnerable based upon their background information, highlights many types of abuse and when current training should be updated.

sparkSAFEGUARDING ensures policy is followed through in a consistent format for every child and every member of staff.  Safeguarding remains, as it should be, a top priority for Ofsted.  Fault found in safeguarding procedures will immediately reduce your Ofsted rating dramatically regardless of how well you are performing with everything else.

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