Please find below details of our latest partner, Wendy Woo Educational Toys. If you would like to take advantage of an exclusive 20% discount for sparkUSERs on these gorgeous Mood Stars, please get in touch with Catherine here.

Hi There!

My Name is Wendy – founder of Wendy Woo Educational toys!

Allow me to introduce you to My Mood Stars.

My Mood Stars enable children to immerse themselves in imaginative play, either by themselves or with others and offer a fun opportunity for children to talk about how they are feeling.

Use the My Mood Stars and their My Mood Stars board to set the scene for endless stories and games to be played with Shy Star, Sad Star, Cross Star, Happy Star, Sleepy Star, Surprised Star, Scared Star and Silly Star!

(Of course you can make up your own names for the stars to coincide with the vocabulary that you use in your setting.)

My Mood Stars are becoming increasingly popular with those working with children on the autism spectrum by helping those children recognise and acknowledge expressions and facial cues.

My Mood Stars are unique in as much as they are a tactile resource that can be carried around just like other soft toys bringing comfort and reassurance.

My Mood Stars come with their own My Mood Stars board onto which they can pop on and off for extended play and learning.

Older kids have been able to vent out their frustration and turn anger into laughter mid melt-down as they throw the My Mood Stars onto the My Mood Stars board and watch them stick!

My Mood Stars have also brought out their own My Mood Stars book which also encourages children to talk about, and make notes or drawings to show how they are feeling.

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