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Nano Spanish Club provides nurseries and early years settings with the resources to be able to create their own Spanish classes.

With Nano Spanish Club your nursery staff will be able to lead their own Spanish sessions using our programme and resources (monthly topics, lesson guidelines, songs, videos, flashcards, worksheets and diplomas) giving them the opportunity to build upon their Professional Development.

Our optional ‘Parent kit’ offers the opportunity for parents to continue and reinforce at home what the children are learning.

This is how we believe Nano Spanish Club can benefit your setting:

  • Stimulate your children’s cognitive development, create cross cultural awareness and build confidence
  • Help your setting stand out by offering a further enhanced curriculum
  • Offers additional valuable training for your staff (Continuing Professional Development)
  • Flexibility to fit the activity around your planning and budget (accessible at all times and to all children/child lead activity)
  • The possibility of further involvement of families in the children’s learning
  • Facilitate the use of technology in the classroom (ICT in Early Years)

Here is an example of our videos included in the programme that will get the children involved in their learning. All videos could be watched as a group, as part of a guided lesson or if a particular child asked for it at their playing time!

Get in touch with info@sparkearlyyears.co.uk and we will be delighted to put you in touch with Josefina!