sparkCOMPLETE Fees

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per month, per child

sparkESSENTIAL + spark@HOME
per month, per child

These T&Cs relate to the fee structure and payment for early years schools in Nigeria and override those parts found in the ABOUT tab within the software, all other T&Cs remain the same.

1. The current fee for sparkCOMPLETE are found (right here!) on our website www.sparkearlyyears.co.uk/nigerianfees
2. The fee amount will be adjusted every six months (June and December) to reflect the rise and fall of currency rates.
3. Fees are calculated on the number of children on the school’s software and are payable a month in advance [e.g. pay on May the 1st for the June the 1st – June the 31st] 4. Fees are payable to our sparkREPRESENTATIVE by the 1st of each month: Fidelity bank, School Resource Center Ltd 4010067069
5. In the beginning, two months fees are required to process your software; personalising it for your school
6. The initial cost is based on the number of children expected, and payments are paid a month in advance [e.g. pay on May the 1st, for the 1st – 31st June] 7. In subsequent months, spark will determine the amount to be paid, based upon how many children are in the school’s software; the headcount.
8. Headcounts take place on the first Monday on/after 15th of each month.[e.g. In May the 15th is a Friday, so the headcount was made on Monday, May the 18th] 9. The sparkREPRESENATIVE in Nigeria will inform you if your fees are different to the payment you made for the previous month via an email/WhatsApp, otherwise please pay the same amount
10. Any difficulties in paying fees should be discussed with the sparkREPRESENATIVE at the earliest opportunity to try to avoid software suspension
11. Software accounts will be suspended by spark in the UK, where payments are not made
12. Suspended accounts still require a full fee for the period of suspension before reinstatement
13. Reinstatement after a suspended period can take up to 48 working hours