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So, what’s included?

YOU HAVE HAD THE CALL – The Ofsted Inspector is on the Way!

ofsted inspection help download

Ready for when you have ‘the call’: your ‘go-to’ when the time comes.

This means that you can be fully prepared, ensure that you avoid the panic and add to everyone’s reassurance when you find out that the inspector is on the way.

This checklist has been written by a former Ofsted inspector with her own 4 settings (all outstanding).

Your last-minute plan: gives guidance to give you an immediate plan of action, for you and your teams for the following day.

Worth £10

Ofsted EYFS Checklist – Parents & Partnerships

Everything the Framework expects from you in relation to your families.

Easy to read, understand and take action on everything, including:

Your Premises & Health and Safety
Team and Key Persons
Communications and Complaints
Learning and Development
Observations and Assessment
Record keeping

Worth £5

sparkLING up your Learning Walk

Use Catherine’s tips to make it shine and radiate your confidence. Not just to the Inspector but to your team too.

Two of Catherine’s nurseries had Outstanding from their first full inspection. While 70 miles away in London the team gained another Outstanding. “I was so proud they managed without me!” So all four remained outstanding at the same time.

Catherine (also a former Ofsted Inspector) will encourage you to view your walk from every angle, making sure YOU can shine too.

Worth £20

Ideas for your Education Statement: Your INTENT

Whether you are a brand new setting or have been doing this for years, your Education Statement requires careful thought and, if done well, can help you to improve all areas of your business.

This short webinar will help you to focus on specific areas for your INTENT.

Worth £20

Your Personal Consultation Session

Over and above the usual one to one support that you will receive as part of sparkPRO, with Offer #1, you will also receive a consultation session dedicated to either improving or maintaining your Ofsted grading.

We can look at things that prevented you from getting the next grade up and find practical ways to address them.

Focus can be given to preparing every member of staff, so that you don’t need to worry about nerves or inexperience holding your business back.

Worth £100
(Not usually available to buy!)

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