Hi there, I’m Catherine and I own and run nurseries in Essex.  Over 40 years of experience as a practitioner has thrown up many challenges – everything from runny noses to keeping a team happy to where to keep the chickens!  I’m almost certain that some of the biggest frustrations I had before developing ‘EASY’ are shared by all settings, no matter their size.  I wonder what you would do away with, if it could be anything, in relation to the day to day running of your setting?

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 And what would you wish you could gain? Do drop by our stand (A20) at this year’s Childcare Expo and let me know!

About 18 years ago I began working on and continually improving the software that has been used in my settings (last year the four were graded by OfSTED as ‘outstanding’) ever since.  My aim was to make EASY meet the needs of business owners, managers and practitioners (I am all three!) while supporting best practice for nurseries, pre-schools and childminders. Basically, EASYsolution 4 NURSERY EDUCATION is a resolution to relieve all the frustrations and associated anxieties of all those involved in delivering the EYFS.  Attending a nursery for any child should be an experience and it would enhance things if the planning and recording was not a task or chore.  The quality and appropriateness of these experiences is dear to my heart and so the EASY software enables adults to spend more time of quality with the children, making a fun curriculum that can be tailored to meet the development and learning needs of each individual within the setting. If your practitioners are happy, then so will be the children in their care! In my experience, appropriately stimulated little ones, promotes happiness and encourages confident and self-motivated learners.

Aside from toddler tantrums and live animals (the simple parts of running a nursery…) the big challenges I have faced as a business owner seem endless – I will try not to drown you in them but here’s an idea that I have a feeling you will relate to:

How to build a reputation and a waiting list whilst keeping within the restraints of a budget
Making informed decisions such as judging where training funds would be best spent
Keeping the delivery of the EYFS consistent and ensuring that no child was overlooked…?

That last one was a particularly stubborn frustration.  How could I coordinate a team with different experiences, capabilities and training backgrounds, while reducing paperwork and projecting a professional image, without having to check every report and progress chart personally?   I also needed to really know if particular groups attending were accessing learning equally (boys and girls, for example).  As my business grew, these challenges seemed to grow alongside – with others in the team formulating reports to families, other professionals and the child’s next setting, every person having their own ideas and standards about how it should be done. Then there were those who felt they were computer illiterate and were much happier with pen and paper in hand, so I needed something to make everything EASY!

I welcome you to come and meet me this Friday and Saturday, share your frustrations and to see how EASY solution 4 NURSERY EDUCATION can help to relieve them.