Recent findings have suggested that parental involvement in education has a significant impact on the success and achievements of a child’s education. It is difficult to define the optimal amount of parental involvement in learning, but the findings show that activities such as reading to a child and taking a keen interest in their work will have a hugely positive impact on their educational journey.

Interestingly, the research also suggests that parent’s involvement has a far greater effect on a child’s development in comparison to who they are. For example, the home learning activities that parents involve themselves with are a great deal more important than their job, own education or income. A separate research identified that parental involvement in learning will significantly increase overall performance for a child in education, due to the increased motivational levels that it provides from early learning all the way into adult education.

It is easy to imagine why a child would benefit so significantly from having a parental figure involved in their learning journey, and it can also often be very beneficial to the parents themselves. The feeling of being a part of your child’s learning process and having an understanding of exactly what they are learning on a daily basis can be a rewarding feeling and provides another way to bond with your child by supporting them in their learning and development.

spark@HOME is an optional extra to our core sparkPRO package. A safe, secure, web-based software that is specially designed for parents and carers to allow them to be actively involved in the child’s care and education with their learning and development. It provides an online learning journal that parents and teachers can use to communicate to ensure that parents and family members can have active involvement with their child’s learning and educational welfare at all times.

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