Which one will you choose?

As a thank you for recommending spark, once the new setting* has purchased sparkPRO or sparkESSENTIAL, you will receive one of Play to Z’s fabulous Sensory Tales, worth £60 to £69! Featuring fantastic stories from around the world, musical instruments, sensory-rich artefacts and simple activity ideas, these brilliant sets bring stories and the curriculum to life. Children and practitioners will love the unusual and quality treasures and instruments, exciting stories, colourful maps and fun sensory focus. I wonder where your Sensory Tale will take you – to the Amazon Rainforest, African Safari, along the ancient Asian silk route, or down the Nile?









You can view all of the options here: https://playtoz.co.uk/sensory-resources/sensory-tales/

All you have to do:-

  1. Think who might like spark (it doesn’t have to be the nursery around the corner!)
  2. Let us know which reward you want us to save for you – through the link at the bottom of the page
  3. We will send you the item as soon as they purchase sparkESSENTIAL or sparkPRO
  4. * A setting in this instance does not include Childminders
  5. Encourage the setting to contact us for a demo
  6. Ensure they tell us you have recommended them the first time they contact us
  7. Once they commit to purchase – the reward will be yours!

LET US KNOW WHICH Sensory Tale YOU WOULD LIKE BY EMAILING US HERE (info@sparkearlyyears.co.uk).