Introducing me… I am Sadie and have recently joined the growing team at spark. I have joined the team to maintain the good relationship spark has with existing customers and to meet new ones.  I will be able to help and support you with any queries and questions you have about the software.

After only 10 days in my new role, I was thrown in at the deep end when we exhibited at Childcare Expo in London’s Olympia.  It was an exciting few days for me, getting up to speed with the way our software works and the extensive possibilities it can offer to support managers and practitioners in developing each child to their full potential as well as supporting staff in their professional development.

It was useful to look around at the other exhibitors and to pick up ideas.  There was a great inspiration wall where the attendees were invited to get involved by adding their own ideas, and current topical points for discussion in early years.


Laying the foundations for your setting is always key and the ‘Building Blocks’ section was very useful for getting an insight into what other early years professionals value to be of importance.

I found it interesting to see that there was a lot of talk about the way the funding is going, the need for less paperwork and spending more quality time with children.  The subject of paperwork and spending more time with children are important points that spark software is based around. By using sparkPRO and sparkDIARY, it is possible for staff to save time on EYFS paperwork, and in turn practitioners have more time to dedicate and focus on the individual developmental needs of each child. A direct result of this is also saving money – all planning, evaluating and learning journals can be worked online, meaning office time is minimised and finances can be re-invested in the development of your setting. You can find further reading on the subject of staff time saving here.