Would you like your staff to spend more time with the children? Would that save you money on staffing?

 Working in bubbles as you are now, wouldn’t improving those important bonds with children be a good thing?

In this very challenging year for you, particularly financially so – you can still do this better!

As Early Years people like you, a quality Early Years provider – we ARE and WILL do all that is possible to help YOU! (Have you seen our Tiny Books floating around Facebook?)

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spark is the ‘designer’ software option, borne from within the industry, for discerning providers like you.
If you are reading this – we KNOW we can help you!

“The spark Early Years software is by far the best tracking and monitoring software I have used. The attention to detail and holistic assessments provide a rich picture of each child. The systems in place for the key person ensure that personalised and academic next step planning is clear and easily achievable. The software makes all possible information needed to be stored in one place and ensures that tracking and monitoring take the ‘whole’ child into account. I am certainly very happy with the system and continue to find more and more uses for the plethora of data it holds.”

“We chose spark because it appeared to be the most comprehensive software available to efficiently track learning and development progress and would really support our staff in making the right decisions about children’s next steps. In addition, it would allow senior staff to monitor paperwork easily and quickly and reduce the amount of time staff spent writing up observations and reports. Staff love the ease of use and the accuracy of this software. We now can’t imagine the nursery without it!”

“The needs of the child are at the heart of its design and its ongoing development is driven by a passion for the same goal. It is equally apparent that the software has been designed BY early years practitioners FOR early years practitioners and not by software companies without experience of early years simply trying to diversify”