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EYFS curriculum software - sparkPROsparkPRO is designed to be efficient and promote the well being of a team in any setting. sparkPRO is more than a learning journey; the features support your team with the Early Year Foundation Stage and curriculum delivery.

A leading EYFS curriculum software package, sparkPRO organises staff time, systematises procedures, provides on going EYFS assessment with a focus on quality during delivery. It provides incredible financial savings, operationally by cutting down on planning, observation, assessment and recording times. Tangibly you will save on ink and paper costs.

sparkPRO not only incorporates the whole of our sparkESSENTIAL package, it also includes additonal features and advanced reporting options.

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  • EYFS curriculum software compliant – successfully tried and tested through Ofsted inspections since 1997
  • Financially saves money – staff time, print and paper
  • Efficient consistent delivery for customers
  • Professional image  builds reputation
  • Collects measurable data – supports ongoing improvement and guidance
  • Reduces absenteeism and high turnover of staff – limit stress and increases job satisfaction at all levels
  • FREE Software updates – compliance & enhancements
  • Simple steps – easy to follow learning journey, record and evidence
  • Development Matters Statements / Early Years Outcomes
  • Additional planning tools – assists in continuous provision of activities and resources around children’s interests, schemas and learning needs
  • Extends working partnership – to parents/carers, providers, external professionals supporting the child

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  • Supports whole team to deliver a curriculum and ‘get it right’ for each child – assessment, planning, recording and evaluating personal practice
  • Support your staff welfare – manage time, increase standards, allow more time to meet individual needs
  • Provides a journey of ‘Spot and Note’ and ‘Shoot and Store’ observations linked to the Development Matters Statements / Early Years Outcomes
  • Instantly generated reports for regulatory bodies or periodic assessment
  • Observations are automatically linked to The Characteristics of Effective Learning and the Six Sustained Shared Thinking Strands
  • Enhances two way communication – with parents, other carers and external professionals working with the child
  • Keep records up to date, secure and all in one location

I like sparkPRO software because…

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sparkPRO within your setting…

The software incorporates the Characteristics of Effective Learning and encourages reflective practice which can be tracked and used for staff supervision, appraisal and HR. Employees will enjoy less paperwork and more autonomy in facilitating children’s achievements. sparkPRO can demonstrate how a training budget can be targeted appropriately for individuals as well as teams. Teams have all the information needed securely to hand.

EYFS curriculum software – A full range of information can be extracted in numerous formats to share with those involved with the child and during transitions. sparkPRO provides a variety of EYFS summative assessments including the 2-3 yr Progress Check.

How does sparkPRO assist management and seniors?

  • Develop a complete professional learning journey by all practitioners
  • Identify what to observe next with appropriate next steps
  • Easily email or print Progress Checks and Learning Journey Profiles
  • Simple and clear progress charts for each child highlighting any areas of concern – compare between children of the same gender or age
  • Comprehensive EYFS curriculum software package – from the child’s first assessment to staff appraisal and supervision meetings
  • Promotes important partnerships with others – parents, other carers and external professionals
  • Organises monitoring – children’s assessments, records, planning, tracking, reporting
  • Supports literacy skills so only minimal Quality Assurance checks are required
  • Instantly provide children’s outcomes to outside bodies – Local Authority, Quality Assurance Scheme, Ofsted

sparkPRO for Observations

sparkPRO and Tracking

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