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Our most comprehensive package that gives you much more than just a replacement for pen and paper. EYFS compliant, successfully tried and tested though Ofsted inspections since before 1997

A leading EYFS software package

sparkPRO organises staff time, systemises procedures and provides a platform for consistency and quality during curriculum delivery.

A range of flexible features provide everything you require to assess, plan, observe, track, make reports, evaluate and reflect on teaching, plus set new objectives for teaching and continuous improvement.

Why use sparkPRO

Government funding sustainability issues? sparkPRO supports your bottom line

  • EYFS compliant, successfully tried and tested through Ofsted inspections since 1997
  • Keep records up to date, secure and all in one location
  • Develop a complete learning journey presented professionally by all practitioners; building your reputation
  • Supports the whole team to deliver a curriculum and ‘get it right’ for each child
  • Two-way communication; with parents, other carers and external professionals
  • Manage time; less preparation and recording time allowing more time to be with the children
  • Supports literacy skills so only minimal Quality Assurance checks are required
  • Instant data proves outcomes to regulatory bodies (Local Authority/Quality Assurance Schemes/Ofsted)


sparkPRO make a positive contribution to your future sustainability and preserves quality with current deficits in government funding. Helps make a difference; supports inadequate funding and quality expectations.


spark's Observational Journey breaks down the Development Matters Statements, supporting staff and children. There's no need to check observations made by the team. Choose to upload extra evidence and Learning Stories as preferred. Due to how spark is organised, automatic links are made to the Characteristics of Effective Learning, Sustained Shared Thinking Strands and ECaT. The Leuven Scales are available to use too.


Individual members of staff are able to overview their work and are guided by sparkPRO to evaluate each of their key children's progress whilst recording their intentions. For example, how to improve/modify their teaching methods to benefit each child.


sparkPro enables informative conversations regarding learning and development to take place. Parents can be encouraged to support the child at home and can use an on-line jotter to feedback information to assist your setting's to meet the child's needs.


Checks can take place with regards to gender, the term of birth and a variety of other ways to ascertain equality of opportunity, in terms of ethnicity, background, family circumstances, health, disability and other additional needs.


Flexible tools are available for every child, via educator support. Plans for Continuous and Enhanced Provision compiled through the child's interest/topics are available, with suggested Next Steps, Key Worker and Focus Plans and In The Moment Planning. How the child learns and their schemas are also considered.


Instant graphs and charts bring detailed information together. The software supports teams in writing reports for parents and professionals, such as Progress Checks and Learning Journey Profiles.


The software supports parents and practitioners with the child's new horizons and provides a wealth of information to share with the next provider.

Favourably supports your current funding shortfalls

Through the observational journey and Development Matters Statements, sparkPRO automatically makes links to the Characteristics of Effective Learning, Sustained Shared Thinking Strands and ECaT. Furthermore, judgements can be made about children’s Well-being and level of Involvement using the Leuven Scales.

Employees will enjoy less paperwork, more autonomy and spending more time with the children, while having all the information they require securely to hand. By evaluating a child’s progress, the educator can document how they will help that child by modifying their ‘teaching style’. This information may support management processes, such as, staff supervision, appraisal and HR meetings.

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