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All you need to deliver and record information for the British EYFS driving efficiencies without the need for paper.
This software has been specially designed for China based upon
the Award Winning software used in England; tried and tested through the English Ofsted Inspection system since before 1997.

sparkCHINA is bilingual, which enables both Chinese and English speakers
to work together.
Additionally, if appropriate sparkCHINA will provide features to support those working with the kindergarten from overseas.


Provides the key features for your Educators to support the EYFS practice
and for management to deliver the EYFS successfully and to build continual improvement strategies.

Why use sparkCHINA?

sparkCHINA Features


Learning Journey Presentations Shows the complete Journey linked to the EYFS
Learning Journey Profile Report to share with parents, all those involved with the child can feedback their thoughts/views on line into the software
Development Matters Achievements Shows the achievement date in each stage under each Area of Learning
Characteristics of Effective Learning Automatically links to the observational journey
Group Summary Track where each child is at; stage, observational journey and Development Matters Statements
Commitment Review Keep track of staff engagemen
Next Steps Plan Gives automated ideas for each child’s next steps for staff to choose to what is most appropriate at the time

OPTIONAL EXTRAS – Coming soon for China

sparkDIARY Daily/weekly email showing feeds, naps, nappy changes etc. and activities undertaken
spark@HOME Extra software owned by the parents.  This provides opportunities to work WITH the setting & exchange information. Your Kindergarten/School can monitor the level of participation & therefore, assist the family in using their software for optimum brain development


Characteristics of Effective Learning Visual report for quick evaluation provided by automatic links from observations.
Individual Progress Graph Visual view; to show stages completed and those working within; Areas of Learning and achievements to date
Development Matters Timeline Graph to show how the statements have been obtained over time. Times set by the setting (8 dates)


Learning Journey Profile An optional parent report communicating progress, plus how to achieve the selected next steps with online feedback (available for all involved)

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