Use the button under the UPKEEP tab to change the software to Imi.  Then let the family know they must now use to log on; ES4 (username) and then; learn125 (password).

The second login is the same as they used for spark@HOME.
Please send us an email and deposit monies as you did for spark@HOME.  Make it clear how many transfers you are making and what kind as detailed below:-

For Lifetime Licenses, this is £5 per child – please send us an email and deposit monies as you did for spark@HOME but make it clear a number of transfers made.

Parents using PAYGO licenses need to pay £21 if they are already four years old.


What if you don’t make the change?

As the software will not be refreshed by your staff, the next steps on the parents’ software will freeze and stop working.

Can I do this for children leaving at other times of the year?

Yes.  If they join a setting using spark then it can become spark@HOME again.

PAYGO – What happens if the child if the child is older or younger than four?

Add or deduct £7 per year, for example, if they are already five deduct £7 or if they are three, add another £7.

What if the child returns to your setting?

That’s not a problem, Imi can be reversed to spark@HOME free of charge and all the information is saved as before.