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The Learning Walk was added at the end of 2019. A senior member of staff is to conduct this with an Inspector at the beginning of an Inspection.

Catherine invites you to this webinar to share idea on how you can add some sparkle to your Learning Walk!

You already know you will have to do a Learning Walk.

You know that inspections have resumed again.

Your next step to securing or improving your grading is to join Catherine ON DEMAND for just £20!

sparkLING up your Learning Walk ON DEMAND Tickets

Meet your Presenter – Catherine Lyon

Catherine has been involved in Early Years and education for over 40 years; as a student, practitioner, team leader, trainer, assessor, manager, business owner of nurseries (‘outstanding’ and award-winning) and a small training company ‘registered’ with Cache. I have been an ex-RgNI (with Ofsted) and a Quality Assurance Assessor (with the National Day Nurseries Association).
In her current roles, she often also acts as an advisor/coach/consultant in the UK and internationally, particularly in China and India.

FACILITATING PRACTICALITIES – Catherine understands situations from all perspectives-child, staff, parents, teams, management and also the necessity of how to make it all possible through successful systems for a thriving business. She is passionate and strives for high-quality early years education, where the child is at the centre of practice and there is an emphasis to “get it right”.

Things you should know and the T&Cs

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Overseas – Our experience so far is that you will have no issues watching the webinars from overseas. If for some reason that it does not work on either the Wednesday or the Thursday then we will ensure that you are able to watch your webinar another way. Please email Catherine if this is the case for you.

Problems logging on – Details of what to do in the event of a problem joining/viewing/hearing the webinar will be contained in your email ticket. IF YOU LOSE CONNECTION: 1. Please make sure that you are using an up to date version of your browser. (We reccommend doing this BEFORE the webinar starts!) 2. Close the window/tab that the webinar is in. 3. Wait 1-2 minutes before attempting to re-join from your oringal ticket.

Internet issues – We CANNOT be responsible for personal issues that arise during the webinar, for example, internet connection speeds/dropouts. No refunds will be given. However, we will be happy to transfer your fee to another webinar within the next 2 months. To do this you must email Catherine on so that we can sort that out for you.

Non-attendance – We understand what nursery/preschool life is like; we appreciate that staff go off sick sometimes!! You will be able to forward to your ticket to someone else in the team if necessary, but you won’t both be able to watch it from the same ticket and they must enter your email address when joining the webinar. Please see ‘General’ above if you know in advance that you will not able to attend the webinar that you have booked a seat on.