As early years people we help you to ‘get it right’ so as a parent, practitioner, or business owner you can ‘get it right’ for EVERY child for their best start in life.

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  • We deliver the EYFS learning values in a very practical way, daily to the early years educators thereby putting each child’s learning goals at your fingertips.

  • spark offers practical, hands-on activity ideas for educators across all areas of learning and development, spanning all age-ranges.

  • Caregivers (teachers and parents) work with infants and toddlers know exactly what to look out for when working with young children, taking your service far beyond business as usual.

  • A prompt response from the spark support team is guaranteed.


  • spark provides on-the-go training and support for all early years staff, at no extra cost.

  • spark, helps us to make sure that no child is left behind. Gaps are recognized early on, interventions are created where necessary to support each individual child.

  • Staff performance evaluation is made easy, as the system provides managers and administrators with information and evidence to support this process. 

  • The software produces the necessary and relevant reports for both the parents and the school’s internal information.



  • The spark software is use-friendly and extremely easy to use.

  • Differentiated instruction and learning just got easier with the spark software.

  • spark creates the balance between child development and academic achievement, in order to provide a wholesome early childhood experience for each learner.

  • Parents get daily updates on what their children are learning and how they are faring within your early years community, ensures that parents do not miss a thing and are enabled to build on progress.

  • Our support team follows your team from the beginning and until they feel confident to enhance practice in your school.


Customer Service

spark is about making life easier and ‘to get it right’ for every child.  Unfortunately, in our nurseries, we found out the hard way and bought very expensive software (admin in this case), only to find that it was too complex.  Also, in the ‘bigger picture’ it just failed to meet our needs.  From this experience, we strive to make every aspect of our software, including admin user-friendly, clear and above all practical.

As a result, we make a firm commitment to you from our very first conversation. We are here to support you.

In serving you we:

  • Acknowledge that using a spark product is probably a new way of working
  • Support as suitable to each setting is given, freely offered and without additional cost
  • Continually build upon a professional personal relationship that leads to friendly, mutual conversations
  • Encourage your questions, as each and every one is considered valid to dispel uncertainty and build confidence
  • Will follow up and ensure that any query you may have had is resolved to your satisfaction
  • Ensure we give you full and complete answers relating to your query in order to assist you
  • Provide unlimited free training.  This is not only at sign-on but is ongoing through our relationship via phone (or WeChat, Whatsapp or Skype for our international customers)
  • Circulate a regular newsletter offering ideas, resources and information about new features and industry news
  • Provide flexible ways to contact us, such as our dedicated helpline for customers, chat on our website and by email
  • Actively encourage your views, ideas and constructive criticism, in this way we all share in moulding the spark software together
  • Provide private social media groups for open discussion and debate within our community
  • Help settings to gain as much as they wish from your valued investment
  • Acknowledge successes

In delivering you spark products, we will endeavour to:

  • Provide safe and secure, EYFS compliant software
  • Offer other features to enhance best practice and encourage a ‘continuous improvement’ ethos
  • Enable settings to extend their package, if they wish or need to, through a choice of extra products

Also, we

  • Provide all updates for free as they become available on a regular basis
  • Offer everyone a 60-day full money back guarantee from the sign-on date with sparkESSENTIAL and sparkPRO
  • Distribute free resources that support practice, made for our nurseries

We have a detailed Service Level Agreement if this is required.

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