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Early Years Emotions Toolkit
NEUROSCIENCE with Amanda Peddle

Early Years Emotions Toolkit®
Growing resilience skills for life

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Debra and Jackie met in the summer of 2018 and had a shared desire to support the emotional and mental health of young children.  The Emotions toolkit is an exciting collaboration. Jackie blends her knowledge of emotional intelligence, yoga and mindfulness with Debra’s background in education, specialising in the early years, and skills as an artist to design the toolkit, often with the help and ideas of children themselves.

Jackie and Debra believe if children learn how to create a plan to manage their emotions at an early age, it will enable them to understand the importance of taking responsibility for how they feel, and know how to self calm themselves.

This webinar seeks to share information about the importance of checking in with your feelings, being able to name your emotions and use simple tools from the Emotions Toolkit to self-regulate your emotions.  Debra and Jackie will also speak about simple neuroscience and how and why the tools in this toolkit are effective.  You will learn how to model the techniques and promote self-regulation in your setting.

Things you NEED to KNOW

The Emotions Toolkit will be available for all who sign in to this webinar with a 10% discount and for each of you that leave some feedback after watching the webinar you will go into a draw to win one of 2 sets of Emotions Faces stones!

Jackie is a keynote speaker, empowerment coach and is also the founder of Empower Education.  She is passionate about inspiring the next generation to go on a journey of self-discovery to empower them with the knowledge and understanding of who they are.   She believes every child, no matter their background, gender, race, religion or ability has an unlimited potential, and CAN be successful in life. With a positive mind set, self belief and the right tools to be able to navigate life’s challenges, they will have less chance of mental health problems, be more emotionally intelligent, more creative, better problem solvers and communicators. Jackie works with children, teens, young adults, parents & educators running programmes & workshops in Emotional Intelligence, yoga and mindfulness as well as 1-1 interventions.

Debra is an Artist, an Educator and the Founder of Stone Stories – Creative Storytelling. After almost 20 years as a Primary School Teacher specialising and leading in the Early Years, Debra created Stone Stories to offer a multi sensory approach to storytelling, which would develop a wider vocabulary and a love of story. They are a valuable resource for all children and offer fantastic support to those with SEND and English as an additional language. She works in the community and in schools and nurseries offering storytelling and story making workshops and also creates bespoke or themed sets of Stone Stories which are available at regular local markets as well as on her website. Debra’s love of creating art began when she was very young, drawing cartoons, and now art is used in all aspects of her work.


Amanda Peddle
It’s not rocket science – it’s BRAIN SCIENCE!
Talking about feelings without getting the ‘ump’

Having worked with children and families for over 20 years, Amanda Peddle uses neuroscience and neuroeducation to shape her practice and the books she has written for children.  With her passion, her extensive knowledge and training, she has begun to create a series about TAM; how he can process his emotions and that his fear of his FEELINGS is normal.

In this webinar, Amanda aims to support early years educators to help children understand and accept rather than be fearful of FEELING.  As we move into an era of increased awareness of our emotional well-being and the impact on ourselves and society as a whole, it becomes clear that more ways of encouraging children to manage their emotional state in a much more effective and understandable way are needed.  Teaching early years educators and then how to support children with the ‘how and why’ of emotions can remove stigma and calm some of the worry around reactions.   By sharing a learning experience like a story they can develop their understanding of why we as a species respond to stimulus the way we do.


Things you NEED to KNOW

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