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In this world of pandemic and downright neglectful funding rates, it has never been harder to deliver high-quality childcare that puts the CHILD at the centre of your practice. That’s why we do this – to ‘get it right’ for every child.

We all have to do things a bit differently now – so grab the bull by the horns and get some CPD under your belt with our exclusive online training!
This round’s focus is on neuroscience and emotional regulation – skills that are essential for children growing up in the midst of COVID-19.

Emotions Toolkit: 1st July

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Brain Science: 22nd July

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Early Years Emotions Toolkit® – Growing resilience skills for life

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Support the wellbeing and resilience of children in your care!

Due to the effects of COVID19 pandemic, many children will have experienced trauma. Homes and settings must provide resources to children to help them manage their heightened emotions and behaviour.

  • Sharpen your knowledge and your skills as an educator to help your children relate to how they feel.
  • Discover proven strategies for both children and their caregivers that develop emotional awareness and self-regulation.
  • Being in the know will enable every child to progress in their learning and development, by building up each child’s resilience to enhance their personal and individual situations and also to support their all-round potential.

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Amanda Peddle
It’s not rocket science – it’s BRAIN SCIENCE!
Talking about feelings without getting the ‘ump’

Book your seat now for 10am on 22nd July
Book your seat now for 7pm on 22nd July

Teaching children the neuroscience of emotions and feelings is crucial now more than ever for our future generations!

TAMs Journey books introduce children to Neuroeducation,wrapped lovingly in a story with ‘delightful’ characters and an accompanying Programme for educational/child-led settings.

Amanda Peddle talks you through the Journey and shares invaluable lessons from the emerging world of Neuroeduction for Kids, her 20 year experience in this field, and shares her passion to send the message worldwide.

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