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you can ‘get it right’ for EVERY child for their best start in life.

Do your children need some privacy?

And what does that mean for a 3-year old?

Here is your FINAL chance to hear from master storyteller, John Warren, about the importance of PRIVACY for our smallest story-lovers.

“In this webinar I will look at the issues we face as parents and educators in finding the balance between safety, security, supervision and giving space…”

The little people in our worlds have no choice but to have their privacy invaded 24/7 – how does the lack of privacy and the stress of not having five minutes peace impact upon them?

Watch John’s talk on…

Thursday 28th October at 11 am OR 7:30 pm

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What do stories mean to you?

You have a story of your first day working in early years…
… a story of meeting your best friend…
… favourite stories from childhood…
… and a favourite novel that transported you to another world.

Stories are powerful, and useful!

You know the messages conveyed in children’s stories – like how hard it can be to share sometimes, how things might change when a new sibling is born or what a particular transition could feel like.

So join John ‘DOWN IN THE DEN’, hear some fun stories and explore how you help your children get five minutes peace.

You will also have the opportunity to win your very own space-creating magic in the form of a tent!

There’s a limited number of seats – so save your space now.

Please forgive the short but dull form that follows – getting to know you a little helps us to deliver a better event 🙂

11 am Tickets
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Meet your Presenter – John Warren

My journey into childcare was not a conventional one. I left school with no qualifications. I stayed on in the sixth form for a promising athletic career and was asked to do community service and ended up in a school where I was encouraged to sign up for the NNEB.

I wanted to be a Nanny but realised after 42 job applications and being told to my face they don’t want a man I moved into day nurseries, this was 1985. I enjoyed my time in day nurseries working in some of the most deprived areas of London.

I thought I wanted to be a social worker, and spent three years working as a family centre worker in Deptford. After being roughed up by parents, having to appear in court and remove children from their families I knew this was not for me.

I did 10 years local authority inspection and then 7 with Ofsted before joining the bigger companies like Asquith and Kidsunlimited.

I set up my own consultancy in 2016 and have never looked back. I am one of the Directors of the Toddletown nursery group and now a published author.
My passion is ensuring we do the best for our children and although I have a Masters in Early Childhood Education, I want to be remembered as a nursery nurse.

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