Reports from 2014 suggest that nearly 50% of all children in England are not prepared to begin school by the time that they leave nursery. The report from the Institute of Healthy Equity at University College London also claims that children living in deprived areas are far more likely to fall short of the educational milestones set by the Department of Education compared to children that are from affluent areas.

The targets set out state the by the time that a child begins school they should be able to; listen to stories, pay attention, use the toilet & dress themselves, and grasp the basics of starting to read, write and work out simple sums.

What the experts say

Professor Sir Michael Marmot, current director of the UCL Institute of Healthy Equity, said “We continue to fail our children” and queried “How can this still be happening? For three years the Institute of Health Equity has published evidence showing we are failing our children. It is unacceptable that only half of our five-year-olds are achieving a good level of development.”

An expert of research in this sector, it is clear that Sir Michael feels a strong opinion that children are not currently provided with the educational services that they require at the early learning years stage. This comes as little surprise after Unicef reports from 2013 placed the United Kingdom 24th out of 29th in a ranking of child education well-being in developed countries, and 16th overall.

So how can things change?

Evidently, the current system is letting a significant portion of children down, particularly at an age when their learning abilities are vulnerable to hindered growth. This immediately rings alarm bells, as negative effects at this age could likely hamper their long-term education. By nurturing their abilities at a young age, and preparing them properly for school, children are likely given a far greater chance to go on and have a successful educational journey – every child deserves this opportunity.

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