Sitting at home at the end of a cold day in February – Brrrrrr – I thought Spring was on it’s way!  I hope it is warmer with you!  I have decided to put ‘pen to paper’ and share ….

Recently, I found that members of my nursery teams were not using EASYpro fully.  In fact when I challenged it …. somehow they hadn’t received the communication or training in “that part”!

From an operational perspective – in my opinion, I am not making full use of the software and practitioners are not making the best use of their time.  There could be a more efficient and/or conclusive way to do it. This will knock onto what they can provide for each child and family.

I know that providers use EASYpro in different ways, that is an advantage. However, it is also human nature, I suppose for early years staff to use what they know and be comfortable. They may not hear or investigate. That doesn’t come naturally to us ‘grown ups’; to explore and think how this might help them achieve more.   Well, that appears to be happening in my case!

So I have devised a sheet which now, I thought I could share with you.


It can be used to

  • reflect on what your setting is using now and what you might want to incorporate into your procedures or
  • evaluate what different members of staff should be using.

So now, in my nurseries, each room is using it to evaluate the skills of their team members. Together, staff find out, for example, about ‘evaluating their practice’ or use the ‘group next steps’ in their planning etc, assisting them to be pro-active.

Reflecting with my EASYsolution 4 NURSERY EDUCATION hat on – I am also very conscious that there has been a lot of new features over the last twelve months or so. Although everything has been introduced to you via our newsletters, I know, in my busy life, although well-intentioned, I don’t read everything I should and even if I do, I sometimes forget to ‘make things happen’ so, this could be a useful tool for you right now.

If you would like an ‘electronic copy’ – just drop us a line

Consequently, if you have any questions or need any assistance, we are here to do that too!