spark-essentialWith the lack of government funding and a decreasing pool of suitably qualified staff, spark understands this current squeeze on the industry.  Funds are tight and the ability to commit to expensive software is often a frightening thought.  As providers ourselves, spark adds sparkESSENTIAL to their ‘bolt on’ range of software; for the curriculum and administration aspects of EYFS provision. ‘Save Our Souls’ comes to mind – Support Operations & Save!

For just around1p per day per registered place, while incorporating paramount security early years settings will find there are no restrictions on numbers of children, families and staff or in the type of tablets/computers used.  Costs remain the same for the first two years and there is an option to pay per calendar month. sparkESSENTIAL is a cost effective way for early years providers to ‘get it right’ for each child.  To save time and money, whilst also supporting practitioners and the management team to provide optimum progress in children’s learning and development.

sparkESSENTIAL is exactly as it says ‘on the tin’.  This EYFS software provides all the essential ingredients for EYFS curriculum and in keeping with an ethos of  ‘continual improvement’, allows, progression later to use sparkPRO (which has extended features) if desired.  Thoughtfully designed to be totally practical by practitioners, managers and with the business owner in mind, sparkESSENTIAL captures all the essential parts of sparkPRO (where all users have achieved an Ofsted of good or an outstanding rating).

One sparkPRO user said, ‘Staff find it extremely user friendly and it has saved us hours of paperwork. All the reports we need are available instantly ….’ SparkESSENTIAL emulates this too

spark-1p-pricepointThe key-features of sparkESSENTIAL enable observations to be made at a click of a button, helping staff assist children achieve their Development Matters Statements and instantly links achievements to the Characteristics of Effective Learning.  Observations are immediately ‘parent ready’ and next steps can be planned immediately.  Reports and automated tracking of progress for individual and groups of children, plus similarly for each member of staff, enables management to be continually informed.

Through, sparkESSENTIAL on line communication is available for parents; to see photographic learning stories, suggested next steps and how these may be achieved in the home environment.

spark is on stand A19 at the Manchester Childcare Expo on June 17th & 18th.  They are also showcasing a new planner on sparkPRO, sparkADMIN and a range of promotions/discounts for show visitors, enabling them to be totally prepared for the new academic year.