What is spark?


The software sparks thought processes and actions; it sparks deep connections for meaningful relationships.

We offer a range of software intending to meet your operational needs while bringing best practice benefits for everyone involved.  Ultimately, for the child, but that can’t be done without everyone else!

You buy what you need when you need it.   We want to help you ‘get it right’ and each package continually reviewed to provide just that.  We always welcome suggestions.

sparkESSENTIAL and sparkPRO packages both aims to spark your team up to enjoy, maintain and improve your curriculum delivery.

sparkESSENTIAL provides the basics of what you need for Ofsted.  Within this, there is an EYFS curriculum of small next steps helping children (via the staff and parents) to work towards the Development Matters Statements.  There are reports for parents and necessary trackers.

sparkPRO (which you can move onto if you start with sparkESSENTIAL) gives you many more features to ensure your group offers a 360° view of your EYFS curriculum delivery.  Parents, practitioners/educators, management and the business as a whole are robustly supported.  As spark evolved in a group of nurseries, over a period of over 25 years plus, it has features and systems beyond the expectations of the average, known as ‘learning journey software’.

smiling childsparkADMIN is independent or integrated with either of the above.  Here there are packages to suit your needs  and can include for example;invoicing and funding, leads and waiting lists, email and SMS, staff information, smart entry and registration, plus lots more!

Other additions to sparkESSENTIAL and sparkPRO:-

sparkSAFEGUARDING supports Prevent duties and is easy for all to report concerns.  All entries made are instantly collated and communicated to those appropriate and invite further action. This is confidential and safe in one place, so information is secure and appropriately accessible.

spark@HOME is an optional replacement for the parent portal in sparkESSENTIAL and sparkPRO.  Here parents can engage more fully in their child’s learning.  spark@HOME is linked to the provider to encourage optimum partnership and communication.  spark aims to engage ALL families, so ALL are involved in building those brain connections.   The software communicates that the brain is 80-90% fully grown before their child attends school.  spark presents a way that suits the parent; through interactive reports, the parent portal, sharing learning stories or with spark@HOME.  You may choose which suits their lifestyle, aspirations and attitudes.

sparkDIARY is another optional module.  Messages can be sent to the family to inform them of children’s naps, nappy changes, feeds, when participated in special activities etc.

sparkCHINA is bespoke for settings supporting or opening nurseries in China.  It is bilingual, switching between English and Chinese as appropriate.  The software contains features to support the delivery of the EYFS and data that helps monitor standards.  sparkCHINA@HOME works with sparkCHINA so parents can be fully involved too.

spark is all about helping managers, educators, parents and the business ‘get it right’. 

“We have just bought sparkPRO and as an established experienced nursery, we are already recognising the benefits. The system can be used in any nursery but I would have snatched Catherine’s hand off for this year’s ago when I was starting up. I would thoroughly recommend to new inexperienced nurseries.”

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