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This presentation will introduce you to the importance of wellbeing techniques for children. We will discuss the threats to learning, what factors children need for wellbeing and the importance of early intervention. You will acquire practical suggestions to start to introduce yoga and mindfulness as part of the education syllabus.

Tree pose to develop strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and body awareness, this supports learning; being able to hold a pencil, sit without distraction, look up at a board, and can also be used when you need to bring focus and attention. Breath awareness to calm, to feel safe and be ready to learn. The Yoginis Yoga Promise as a tool for co-regulation and spreading kindness. Further resources for physical activity and PSHE are available to download.

The key objectives are to:

  • Explore how to improve wellbeing to feel safe and learn
  • Appreciate what yoga is and the benefits of yoga and mindfulness as part of the education syllabus
  • Access resources for co-regulation, PSHE and physical activity

This presentation is delivered by Yoginis Yoga training and is an introduction to their full training programme for primary and early years educators.


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