Built in to minimise the stresses:

  • Progress Checks are organised automatically for each child
  • Managers need not worry and key person can organise their time
  • Key persons are guided to make a decision if the time is right for the child to start the process and guided to talk to their senior if it isn’t
  • Key-persons, parents and anyone else involved, are guided as they travel through the process; step by step
  • The process is broken down into short achievable parts
  • All takes place online so nothing is lost
  • The meeting with the parent is organised in advance
  • Each part is short (the provider’s side generally done at rest time)
  • Should parents not have internet access, there are forms to download
  • The literacy skills of staff are supported throughout
  • The next steps are chosen from a list which shows what could be appropriate
  • The ideas of how the parent can support the child come from within the software
  • These ideas can be overwritten/changed
  • The majority will not need checking by management
  • Managers and key persons can check to see how the process is progressing
  • The information from everyone all feeds into the final report
  • The majority will not need checking by management – just some freehand on the providers photos and the notes from the meeting

The Progress Check is available on sparkESSENTIAL and sparkPRO


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