InnoVent is an Ethical and Sustainably Focused UK Technology Asset and Lease Management Specialist.

2nd Life IT from InnoVent are offering sparkUSERS 10% off quarterly rentals – so the quarterly total of £162 would be cut to £145.80! Get in touch with us today at and we will be happy to get you connected with the team.

InnoVent is built around the core principle of rental and re-rental of technology and equipment. We provide new equipment for an initial period and then those are “up-cycled” in our warehouses and sent out to schools, local communities and businesses in the UK, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania.

Our 2nd Life IT programme provides high quality computer equipment at a fraction of the cost of new equipment and is covered by a comprehensive next business day warranty. On arrival at our facilities we securely data purge all hardware to remove all data and software from the devices. We also thoroughly test all equipment before the whole process begins, all of which should give you peace of mind when ordering from us.

2nd Life does not mean second hand!

Our 2nd Life IT inventory of Dell, HP and Lenovo desktops, monitors and laptops with Windows 10 Professional is available for delivery within 72 hours of order.

Please see below an example specification, this one is for our rugged ‘nursery proof’ tablet available:

This offer is only available to settings based in the UK.