awardlogo16pps_silver-smallNational Practical Pre-School Awards for EYFS resources.

As I write, it is ‘lunch break’ time, for delegates attending one of the two National Conferences; Early Years Premium: Innovation and Impact and Let’s Start with the Child and the other Developmentally Appropriate Practice in the Early Years.  So I am in Birmingham and know this blog will not be finished today.  Once lunch is eaten I will have to stop and talk with delegates at our stand, showcasing the different spark software solutions.

Midmorning, I was invited to attend the Practical Pre-School Awards for EYFS resource at the Conference venue. 

Matt Govett (Managing Director at MA Education) explained to the audience how the judging had been undertaken, including how many points each product had to get for gold, silver and bronze categories.  He emphasised that judging had been carried out by an independent panel and marks were given by a pre-defined set of criteria.  The scoring system designed to highlight the outstanding quality, the innovation that has gone into the creation and the commitment of the product suppliers and manufacturers in providing the exceptional products.

Kathy Brodie, best known for her wonderful books, presented the awards and charmingly presented the award winners.  Gold and Silver Award winners of the Practical Pre School Awards were invited up to receive their certificates and group photographs taken.  I am very pleased to report, in the category of Teacher Resources, Equipment and Tools, sparkPRO has been awarded a SILVER AWARD with 87.3%.  As a consequence, as you can imagine we are a very happy team!  We understand that users were questioned and therefore, that makes this very special.  From the write up in the glossy publication, one of our customers has been quoted as saying,

“Our staff love sparkPRO, it has made planning, next steps and writing up observations for each child so much easier and less time consuming, allowing more time to sit and have quality time with the children. The staff at sparkPRO are always on the other end of the phone if there are any issues.  The software package has proved a very positive experience.”

ph1_3953-300x210It is always great to be acknowledged by the sector for our contribution to early years practice.  Helping ‘get it right’ for every child while they are working within the EYFS, is also about getting things right for all involved; the assistant, the practitioner, the business owner or committee and of course so parents can be involved.

We are grateful to all those judging and those who sang our praises – thank you.  We look forward to continually evaluating and improving sparkPRO further and you never know next year we may get a few extra points and get a gold for our EYFS software.