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Some Mini Pistachio Stacking Hoops to give away and you can have one of these sets by recommending a setting* with less than 40 places –  worth £33

This lovingly created British resource is perfect for giving practitioners the peace of mind of knowing that their charges are getting the best possible start in life. Children love building towers so the gorgeously made Mini Stacking Hoops is sure to be a lasting success. A visual and textural feast, the 10 sensory-rich hoops on the award-winning Mini Stacking Hoops offer a wealth of sensory interest. Children and adults will be drawn to Mini Pistachio Stacking Hoop’s calming tones of greens and natural palette. Perfect for babies through to older children, they will love exploring the carefully selected multi-sensory hoops, discovering different textures, weights and properties; sorting; and of course building towers to knock down! Each hoop has been chosen for its sensory and textural qualities, contrasting properties or colour and fascinating stories, like the hoops made from recycled sari silk or the chamois leather hoops made by adults with physical disabilities in the UK.
Fantastic for developing fine motor skills, this stunning twist on a traditional stacking toy, which won a coveted Junior Design Award for Best 0-3’s Toy, has been designed to give babies and toddlers hours of exploration and sensory discovery. Designed to improve fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and scientific exploration it provides children with essential sensory stimulation. The hoops are sourced from a wealth of Fairtrade and UK community projects for adults with disabilities, making this an ethical and environmentally friendly product too. A cotton bag, three mini sorting bags, stories and activity ideas complete the set.

A number of Marmalade Stacking Hoops to give away to those who recommend a setting* with 41-70 places – worth £60

The multi award-winning Stacking Hoops is a wonderful alternative to a traditional stacking toy. Children and adults will love its rich sensory appeal. Designed to improve fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and scientific exploration the 20 richly textured hoops on Marmalade Stacking Hoops provide children with essential sensory stimulation, challenge and excitement. Children will explore the different textures and properties of the rubber, wood, wool and fabric hoops, developing strategies for building towers, knocking them down and sorting.
With an attractive palette of warm tangerine and natural tones, this sensory-rich toy is a visual feast. Unlike a traditional stacking toy, each hoop has been carefully chosen for its contrast in texture, weight, properties and fascinating stories, like the hoops made from recycled sari silk in India or chamois leather by adults with disabilities in the UK.
Made from environmentally and ethically sourced resources Marmalade Stacking Hoops has stacks of play potential and has scooped numerous nursery industry awards including Nursery World and Practical Pre-School. A handmade gingham bag, three mini sorting bags, stories and activity ideas complete the set.

Some Large Treasure Baskets up for grabs by promoting us to a setting* with over 70 registered places – worth £138

Our senses are the gateway to all learning so children need ample opportunities to enjoy sensory-rich experiences like those that we enjoyed in our childhood. The gorgeous Large Playscape Treasure Basket includes 53 hand-picked treasures perfect for inspiring and supporting children’s development and imagination. Watch children learn and discover as they investigate and explore the items, shapes, colours and textures on an educational adventure that will enthral and excite. This wonderful set includes several treasures handmade by adults with disabilities in the UK, ensuring that each basket has its own unique wow factor.

Although this Large Treasure Basket is rigorously safety tested for use with children aged 3 years and older, this sensory-rich resource can also be enjoyed by babies and younger children if offered with close and careful adult supervision. Babies will be captivated by the exciting shapes, colours, patterns, textures, weights and thermic qualities of the different treasures as they discover what is this object, what is it like and what can it do? 2 to 5-year-olds will enjoy discovering the different sensory-rich treasures and their properties, sorting, discovering same and different, problem-solving, and inspiring curiosity and imagination as they hone their fine and gross motor skills. Play with a Treasure Basket is a multi-sensory learning experience. With each treasure carefully chosen for its play value, sensory appeal and variety this wonderful resource is packed with play potential and will evolve with the child as their focus changes from exploration, to scientific discovery, creativity and imaginative play.

The handmade organic willow basket (32cm diameter) of treasures is supplied with a hand-stitched gingham cover and Guidance Booklet to ensure that you get the most out of this resource.

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