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What should I consider when buying an online Learning Journey?

The Learning Journey Decision…

We encourage you as a potential user to consider what you want to achieve now and later as you consider Learning Journey software. Then to try and correlate this with the various learning journey options that have sprung up from IT companies currently on the market. The purchase, in our opinion, should not be by price but on what benefits the Learning Journey will bring. Cheap options may seem to be great now but may not allow the setting to grow and improve practice moving into the future. The software another setting uses may not match your ethos or be suitable for your requirements.

The Nuts and Bolts!



Once the decision has been made to sign up and it is time to check out the fee:

sparkPRO is charged by the number of registered places as shown on your last Ofsted report. Alternatively, if you have a school or a nursery abroad, the maximum number of children you may have at one time. There are different options in how to pay to suit your cash flow and packages for larger settings. We ensure you are logged on personally and will help get you started, while also arranging at least one more phone appointment.

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